CADA C61051 Claas Scorpion 756 telehandler designed by Eric Trax - Feature
CADA C61051 Claas Scorpion 756 telehandler designed by Eric Trax

CADA C61051 Claas Scorpion 756 telehandler designed by Eric Trax will be released in the beginning of March 2021

It will be coming soon

It is slowly coming in the expectation

C61051 Full-featured electric remote control loader


By the well-known mocer Eric Trax  surgeon production

This author has an unusual background

Good at restoring agricultural machinery models

At the same time have extensive experience in military and off-road vehicles

Veteran brick players hear his name

I will utter a loud admiration [ohhh~]


Multi-motor configuration, full-function electric remote control

Upgraded motor and battery

Let players have a better sense of experience


The highlight is in this remote control telescopic arm

Ascent up to 45°

Telescopic can be extended by 9.5cm

Highly restore the operation function of the telescopic arm


Front and rear lights with remote control LED light display function

Simulation tires to achieve steering controllability

Precision and sensitivity

The wheel hub is highly wrapped, and the chassis is built with technological parts

Up to several layers of playability


Another intimate matching of different types of parts

Forklift/forklift part free replacement

The bucket function can be remotely controlled, loading and unloading goods


The interior styling also uses bumps

Full of praise in the details

1:17 Restore the real car from the inside out


It is indeed the loading truck that everyone has been looking forward to for so long

This wave of waiting is not lost

CADA planted grass under his real name

If you don’t look at the animated picture,

Click here to view watch video

(It is recommended to watch under WiFi conditions, local tyrants are free)

At the end

CADA will tell you a little more

The next mysterious Master series car

It will be released soon

See you next time~


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