Do you think Benka is here to announce the new Master series?

indeed! ! The next Master series will come out of a green car and load (mystery) color vintage sports cars, aircraft wise friends and even use various means to restore a little goes a smokescreen Fig cracking New Year’s hair, leading to cracking this is still reflect this Is the picture too clear…

These are the two models that were originally presented at this month’s meeting with particularly high voices:

however! ! The two cars that were originally expected to be shipped at the end of January, because they are still doing the final proofreading and details with the author, so the specific time to market will be a bit delayed. It is expected that the new shipping time will be in early March , after all. There is a small month in the middle to celebrate the Spring Festival, but we will speed up the rush to work and strive to advance the delivery time by one day and another day earlier!

I’m sorry, many friends want to take advantage of the time to buy and play home during the Chinese New Year. Please cover the year-end bonus and red envelopes and wait a while. The car and the car that will come out will surely satisfy everyone!

In the meantime, let’s reminisce about our super classic Centennial Niu and 488~


CaDA has put one hundred and twenty minutes of focus on each product, and wants to present it with confidence every time, so any small details have undergone continuous reconfirmation and more precision. I hope that the last two models will finally be able to reap the surprise acceptance and worthwhile of the waiting friends.

Bowed! wait for me! See you in early March (or earlier)!


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