When some players chatted recently. Suddenly take on the Double Eagle product CaDA toys and cracking wood of ” kinship”Unfolded a wild discussionLaughed at the boss

So today Yingying (carried over ) will give everyone a popular scienceStory about Eagle Factory

Guangdong Shuangying Toys Co., Ltd.1988 to set up inChina Toy Center -Shanthe first cityChenghaiThirty Years LongThe Eagle Factory has made a step by step, and it is quite large to this day

CADA Office – Left is 1988 and Right is 2021

Currently the company is involved is divided into three are as

Remote control car

Building blocks


There is no bias, every field has been infused with extraordinary effortsCreate with ingenuity and strive for the highest
Products have repeatedly won various awards at home and abroadIt has also done a strong alliance with many brands to authorize cooperationList of cooperation (including cooperation) authorized brands(In no particular order )


With time development
Building blocks and model series products are becoming more and more popularReady to go, ready to spread your wings and soarthenIn 2016, the sub-brand “Kata CaDA Building Blocks” was createdBecome the only (focused) building block sub-brand of Shuangying Toys


It is given high hopes , covered with the hardest scales in the whole plant

Formally entered the building block industry

At the same time pursue innovative respect the heavy original

In just a few years, it has built a reputation at home and abroad by virtue of its strength.

Received unanimous praise from building block enthusiasts and moc players at home and abroad

The introduction of the Master series is nothing short of the limelight


But whether it’s a double eagle toy or a CaDA building blockIn terms of relationship, it can be said that the two complement each other and achieve each other.
Double Eagles are more popular because they click on CaDAClicking CaDA also has enough confidence because of the double eagle
No matter which brand of enthusiastYingying would like to thank them for their continued supportYour love and expectationsIt is the high-energy output power of Double Eagle and CaDA
The future is here, more surprises, so stay tuned~


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