Happy Build – MOC Craftsmanship. KY Excavator New Release

Happy Build – MOC Craftsmanship. KY Excavator New Release

Craftsmanship. KY EXCAVATOR

I don’t know if the charm of machinery comes from people’s worship of creation, or because of its own high coldness, it always makes the audience stop inexplicably.

The creation is endless, and human beings have always set new records in the construction of buildings and construction machinery. The excavator, a device that resembles a mechanical arm, is most common around us. Every time a hook is swung, it can catch the eye of many people. It is a bit sci-fi and real.

Calm and the beauty of technology

01 Yue Yu Chong Kee-building Workshop

Relying on scenario imagination, constantly comparing prototypes and adjusting designsIt takes full imagination and mature technology to restore such a mechanical monster from nothing to thousands of unremarkable building blocks.Here, it is worth mentioning that the surgeon of this new product,The world famous building block expert-Liao Zhenyu.


The first Hong Kong citizen to enter the HALL OF FAME Hall of Fame on the cover page of eurobricks.com, the world’s largest LEGO information networkFans familiar with the MOC building block circle should be familiar with this expert. The MOC studio he established- 【Yuji Workshop】 has created many commendable building blocks in the past time. The word “Yuji” in the hearts of some fans means ” turning the impossible into possibility “.Image
At the same time, it is worthwhile to say that [Yuji Workshop] officially joined Yuechuang Building Blocks in 2020 and became a member of the Yuechuang team. We make progress together, adhering to the spirit of continuous innovation and continuous breakthroughs, and we will present better works to building block enthusiasts around the world in the future.The new product released this time is also one of the masterpieces that we designed and created together.

Powerful Craftsman -Yuji Workshop and Yuechuang

02 from giant, surpassing more thanImageImageSpeaking of our protagonist today- KY EXCAVATOR ,The reference prototype is  a product under the Hitachi HITACHI brand: large mining excavator-EX1200-7 model
We restored the structure of this model with a ratio of 1:17 . In terms of color, we finally chose “white” as the main color instead of referring to the bright orange of the prototype. We believe that pure and flawless white can better set off the design details of this mechanical model that naturally fits . This is also the attitude of Yuechuang’s efforts to achieve perfection.Image
Details |


The perfect combination of basic parts + technology parts creates a natural and coordinated body shape


Gear mechanical transmission-boom lifting


Gear mechanical transmission-boom extension


Gear mechanical transmission-hook extension


Adopt original bearing special structure-the console can realize 360° rotation


Exquisitely restored cockpit and cooling vents


Conceptually restore the escalator structure (unique to large engineering installations)


Wide track drive, more stable driving


Perfect and stable structure, with high excavating ability of motor

Created by fine simulation, the details are restored to the extreme

03The same series can be matched with each otherImage


Yue Chuang has launched the Yuji Workshop series products: KYLERS truck (YC-QC007), KYLERS trailer (YC-GC006) can be compatible with this new excavator

Yue Chuang Building Blocks·Yuji Workshop

We will continue to improve, break through technical barriers, and present even better works to all building block lovers!

More series of products, stay tuned!

SEMBO Released MOC Famous Classic Cars Series

SEMBO Released MOC Famous Classic Cars Series


Nowadays, in this era of social progress, ubiquitous cars have long been our daily necessities. Sembo Building Blocks and Beijing Automobile Museum will let us understand the past and present of automobile development, and wander in the world of classic cars. , Appreciating the beauty of automobile culture and industrial design from all angles and angles is a great value enjoyment.

  I believe that every boy has a car dream in his heart, speed and passion, driving and dreams. Together with the editor, walk into the Beijing Automobile Museum and enter the world of these classic cars in another way, using “building blocks “Feel a different “sound”.

Senbao Building Blocks-Beijing Automobile Museum Series

01. Classic Car—Lincoln KB-V12


Model: 701900


In 1917, American Henry Leland established a company producing V12 aircraft engines after Cadillac. He named the company Lincoln out of homage to the late President Lincoln. After World War I, Henry Leland turned their attention to the car, and all the restructuring Lincoln plant for automotive production, but in 1922, Lin Ken company suffered serious financial problems and declared bankruptcy, and eventually Ford Motor Company acquired and became a luxury car brand under Ford. After entering the 1930s, the singles of Lincoln K series became the representative of noble luxury at that time with the characteristics of “personal customization”. In 1932, the model was divided into two series. One year was the KA model with a V8 engine, with 125 horsepower; the other side was the KB model with a new V12 engine, with 150 horsepower. In addition, Lincoln has also provided customized special cars for many presidents of the United States, and is the best witness and participant in the history of the United States.

02. Classic Car-Cadillac AldoradoImage

Model: 701807


After the Second World War, the U.S. economy developed in an all-round way and entered an unprecedented “golden age”. The Cadillac Aldorado, which was introduced in 1953, has been popular in North America for more than 20 years. A total of 11,130 vehicles have been produced. It is a classic of American culture. This car was the most luxurious car in General Motors and even Detroit when it was born. Air suspension, automatic door lock, fog lights, 6-way electric heated seats with memory function, radio with remote control, electric windows and white-wall tires, as well as optional air conditioning, cruise system, and automatic dimming of headlight brightness The switching system, dark or light-colored glass windows. All the luxurious equipment imaginable at the time were available.

03. Classic Car-Volkswagen BeetleImage

Model: 701809


The history of the Beetle can be traced back to before the establishment of Volkswagen. At Hitler’s request, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche (1875-1951) successfully developed the Volkswagen Type 1 car in 1936, after which Hitler decided to establish a car factory to produce this car. This factory was 1937. Volkswagen was established on March 28, 2015. The Volkswagen Type 1 was transformed into a military vehicle during the war, and restored to civilian use after the war, and immediately became the best -selling vehicle in Europe . It was not until 1968 that the name “Beetle” became the official name of the Volkswagen Type 1 car for the first time. Although war and other reasons have caused the car to be discontinued several times in history, as of July 30, 2003, the total production of the Beetle was 21,529,480, making it one of the world’s most legendary, most successful, and highest-produced cars of the same model. One.

04. Classic Car-Volkswagen Van

Model: 701810


Dutch businessman Ben Pon accidentally saw a flatbed truck based on a Beetle chassis when visiting the Volkswagen factory, and drew the prototype of the van based on this car. This unintentional design created a legend. After further research and development by Volkswagen, the production of the Volkswagen van was off the assembly line in 1949, which was also the second model produced by Volkswagen after the Beetle. The Volkswagen van has changed people’s traditional driving methods. It can be said to be the world’s first multifunctional vehicle. Due to its wide application in various fields, it has become a classic model in the history of automobile development.

MOYU – The New China Brick Toy Brand Released A Concept Car From Future

MOYU – The New China Brick Toy Brand Released A Concept Car From Future

There are new brands MUYO Brick Toys joining the ranks of domestic building blocks. Please support domestic building blocks.

The following article is from Moyu Culture Co., Ltd. Author Moyu CultureMoyu Culture Co., Ltd.Shantou Chenghai District Moyu Culture Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive innovation company integrating R&D, production and sales. Its main products are: Rubik’s Cube, Magic Ruler, Quick Stack Cup, Yo-Yo, Fidget Spinner, 3D Labyrinth, Tricky Toys and other categories. “Moyu Culture” takes innovation as the driving force, innovating more novel structures and novel shapes. Bring a better experience to consumers.

Click the blue word

Follow usImage

Moyu Building Blocks-Designer Original Building Blocks Brand

Let the world fall in love with Chinese original building blocks

Moyu Building Block Series

Building blocks help develop intelligence and train children’s hand-eye coordination. The arrangement, joints, loops, symmetry, etc. in the building blocks are all good for children’s intelligence. When building blocks, children must involve issues such as proportions and symmetry, which is conducive to the early development of children’s concept of number.

Let the things you love last

How long can you hold on to what you love? One year, three years, or ten years…

From the ignorant child who builds building blocks to the persistent urchin who creates building blocks, we have a little more thinking…

We are constantly looking for new assembly methods, using the simplest parts to construct people’s desire and understanding of the city.

Chinese original building block brand

And when the huge Chinese toy market is occupied by foreign brands for a long time, can we also create our own original building block brands?

We must respect the original copyright and strive to become the Huawei of China’s building block industry!

The product in the picture is the first show of Moyu Cultural Building Blocks

Lamborghini V12 concept carImageImageImageImageImageImage

Moyu Cultural Building Blocks

Moyu Building Blocks is a genuine Chinese original building block brand, making toys not only a puzzle pastime, but a tribute to creativity and imagination.

We are determined to create genuine building blocks of Chinese brands and build a Chinese dream that belongs to the Chinese!

Moyu Building Blocks debut at the exhibition

From 2021.3.30 to 2021.4.1 , the 33rd Shenzhen Exhibition, Moyu Building Blocks will be unveiled for the first time, the exhibition number: Hall 13-13G01 , there are wonderful things you can’t miss, and more new products are waiting for you to discover!

CADA  C61003 New Tank T90 released

CADA C61003 New Tank T90 released

After 2 years and 10 months, click on the building blocks to create another heavy tank product

Recently, I believe that many friends have seen this “spy photo”, yes, click out of the tank again!


Click the first tank product in the military series

C61001 M1A2 tank

Time to market: 2017.8.17


C51018 Tiger 1 tank

Time to market: 20 1 7.9.23

Purchase method: click on the picture to enter the official flagship store


Let’s take a look at the performance of this new tank!


 C61003 T-90 main battle tank  ▲

Product prototype:T-90 main battle tank

The T-90 main battle tank (Russian: Т-90 основной боевой танк) is a third-generation main battle tank developed by the Soviet Union / Russia in the early 1990s .

Q&A Q&A session

Seeing this, I believe that many of my friends have a lot of curiosity and doubts, Xiao Ka will list it now, let our Kaha designers answer everyone~~

1. I really like this building block tank. Will there be any products of this series in the future?

Designer: Yes, if you like it very much, it will be released sooner~
2. Will the brick parts appear this time as everyone said before “feel good but loose”?

Designer: No, this time we optimized the feel of the parts and tightened the tightness. 
Several evaluation experts have also verified it, and the feel of clicking on the blocks is still as good as ever.

3. So where can I buy it?
Designer: Search for CaDA T90 on JD.com , a treasure 
, or go directly to the flagship store to buy
HAPPY BUILD – White Piano New MOC Release

HAPPY BUILD – White Piano New MOC Release

Black and white keys is synonymous with the piano, carrying the distinctive piano. Our most common one is black.Pianos on the market are relatively generally black, and most people tend to look like black pianos when they think of “piano”.The black piano has its low-key and atmospheric style,
So when the “black and white key” receives the pure white package,What kind of temperament will be presented before our eyes?

When a white grand piano appears, it will naturally become more detached and more eye-catching.The same is true for building block pianos.You should be able to expect the outstanding performance of the white building block grand piano .
When the editor first saw this building block piano, only one word appeared in his mind,

It just   looks good!Different from the calmness of the black building block piano, the white building block piano is more calm.The temperament exuded is softer, like a personable gentleman~

……I think this white piano todayBear such a description or praise

It is said that the white grand piano sold by the world’s top piano manufacturer  YAMAHA  brand,There is no mass production, but only through customization or limited sale.This gives the white grand piano a more mysterious and noble atmosphere.

Today’s building block piano from Yuechuangjia also has such unique properties.

“It” is not just a simple change of a white dress,
Each “it” will be unique.


Every Yuechuang building block · white grand piano will have an exclusive identity brand.

4     Image
If the sincerity of not increasing the price of the limited quantity is not enough, then the following wave of Yuechuangjia’s operation is also interesting enough~
Partners who have bought Yuechuang Building Blocks·Black Piano should know that a cute little building block piano is included in the set as a gift.And this time, the sale of Yuechuang Building Blocks Limited Edition White Building Block Piano is also indispensable for this kind of egg welfare~
Reprint benefits? White mini piano? That’s boring~Buy white bricks piano, you will receive gifts: the building blocks rose flower  x1Is it not fragrant to put together a red rose and give it to her personally?

Red rose + white pianoIsn’t this combination romantic enough?


Nothing is small
The key is where to put it and how to look at it
Such a modular steel piano do not deserve to be favored?

New batch of limited edition Yue Chuang building blocks · white building block grand piano

Now available online and offline on major platforms,

Whether it’s collecting and playing by yourself,

It is very suitable as a gift,

Action is not as good as your heart~

Quickly buy it!Image

Programming APP download channel
ImageLong press to identify the QR code, download the APP and link to BluetoothThe product supports  mobile APP  mode control

CADA New Technic MOC Released In 2021 Soon Information

CADA New Technic MOC Released In 2021 Soon Information

Do you think Benka is here to announce the new Master series?

indeed! ! The next Master series will come out of a green car and load (mystery) color vintage sports cars, aircraft wise friends and even use various means to restore a little goes a smokescreen Fig cracking New Year’s hair, leading to cracking this is still reflect this Is the picture too clear…

These are the two models that were originally presented at this month’s meeting with particularly high voices:

however! ! The two cars that were originally expected to be shipped at the end of January, because they are still doing the final proofreading and details with the author, so the specific time to market will be a bit delayed. It is expected that the new shipping time will be in early March , after all. There is a small month in the middle to celebrate the Spring Festival, but we will speed up the rush to work and strive to advance the delivery time by one day and another day earlier!

I’m sorry, many friends want to take advantage of the time to buy and play home during the Chinese New Year. Please cover the year-end bonus and red envelopes and wait a while. The car and the car that will come out will surely satisfy everyone!

In the meantime, let’s reminisce about our super classic Centennial Niu and 488~


CaDA has put one hundred and twenty minutes of focus on each product, and wants to present it with confidence every time, so any small details have undergone continuous reconfirmation and more precision. I hope that the last two models will finally be able to reap the surprise acceptance and worthwhile of the waiting friends.

Bowed! wait for me! See you in early March (or earlier)!

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