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Move warehouse

More than three months have passed since the warehouse began to move and upgrade. Why did this move last for several months?

Smart warehousing

This relocation is not only to move nearly 20,000 SKU parts to a new location, but more importantly, to debug a complete set of intelligent hardware and program coordination, and quickly optimize the process to quickly respond to actual needs and development.


Now, the first stage of debugging is basically completed, shipments and shipment efficiency have been further improved, and there will be more iterative upgrades waiting for our operation team.

Since the establishment of the e-commerce warehouse in 2017, the high brick building block has undergone 3 relocations, no more, no less, exactly once a year.

Looking back

Around October 2017, we formally established a high-brick building block website project team. Until the beginning of 2018, the first customer to place an order was the test order that the boss asked a friend to place. The editor still clearly remembers that the unit price is 52.8 yuan. The e-commerce warehouse is on the second floor of the production factory, and a small room was approved for the factory to sort the girls.


The bento boxed building block was jokingly called a bento by the building block players at the time, and because of the age of the e-commerce warehouse, almost no trace of the image was left. You may not believe the actual storage SKU amount at that time, it was only about 800 SKU.

After the test was ready, players began to notice us quietly, and orders began to test the waters. Do you remember when you first placed an order? (Dynamic sharing of the building block circle the first time you place an order, there may be a mysterious gift!)

When the customer’s demand for orders was increasing day by day, we first realized that the small room in the factory was not enough to fit, and we moved the warehouse for the first time in April 2019. The warehouse has three floors and a storefront. Go up tall! Go up!


With the upgrade of the warehouse, the packaging box has also been upgraded (the box is a picture of stealing players Image).


Because the small warehouse has three floors, the layout logic was not considered at the earliest, and the sorting basically relied on the position of the sister’s strongest brain memory.


Until February 2020, we are all working in this small third floor. At this time, the small third floor warehouse has reached 10,000 SKUs. After a burst of water pipe cleaning project, we said to the boss, “It’s not enough.” The boss thought about it. Thinking: “Then let’s build another big warehouse!”


In May 2020, we finally squeezed into the newly built super large intelligent management storage warehouse. But at the moment the electricity supplier warehouse or wedged in the corner of this huge warehouse, even if such shipments or just moved to a staggering 1.4 Wan SKU, this is the second move positions, this time we can have small electricity supplier warehouse Stand in the middle and miss the end.

New idea

While we were relieved, April 2021 Ogura sisters boss said: “We have 1.5 Wan SKU friends, dialed the place has been filled, and now placed in the downstairs hallway to go.”

The boss thought for a while: “Should we? Let’s…”


         July 2021, we took 1.8 Wan SKU moved into parts of the full amount of 2.4 Wan SKU new intelligent warehouse, commissioning completed in November Greatly writing this article, our shipments have reached With 20,000 SKUs, guess whether the warehouse girl is more flustered or the boss is more flustered…


         The new intelligent sorting warehouse utilizes the existing mature hardware system to integrate a set of brand new systems. The combination of software and hardware, according to the daily sorting needs, optimizes the operation, the orange AGV trolleys will be lined up to correspond The boxes are transported to the sorter.


         According to the program guide, the intelligent sorting table will light up the indicator light corresponding to the current operation content, and the operator only needs to put the parts into the corresponding material box. Each intelligent sorting station has a corresponding camera to record the sorting records of the operator’s sister, so that every order can be reviewed.


Let’s take a look at this material box, it is not an ordinary material box, except for the weighing system, he will go! The boxes are transported one by one to the final packaging station, and the packaging sister will check them one by one for packing and sticking strips.

During the debugging period, many players received all kinds of wrong and missed orders, which is caused by this link. Here, I would like to say sorry to the players who caused the trouble.

In the past, many players have expressed dissatisfaction with a large package of mixed parts packaging. In response to this demand, players will wait! In the next stage, our engineers will update iteratively again and subcontract orders intelligently . Players no longer have to deal with piles of wood!

Let’s sell it here first, and we will introduce smart warehousing in a more detailed article later .


Now the total number of warehouses is: 21,000 SKUs , and the total number of intelligent transport vehicles is 35 units ,

Players may have seen the speed of new goods on the shelves recently and indicated that the capacity of this warehouse may not be enough.

But don’t worry! The warehouse has enough area, by then these data will be expected to double the amount just now! (It should not be moved again and Imagewill be expanded.)


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