WikiMOC GOBRICKS Announcement

Dear fans of GOBRICKS:  

Recently, our company has been receiving complaints from foreign fans, there is an individual seller maliciously registered our company’s trademark “GOBRICKS”  in EU without permission and sells other brand’s products under the name of “GOBRICKS” company. This kind of illegal behavior has seriously damaged our brand image, and it also causes economic losses to customers. After our investigation, we have already targeted people who engaged in this illegal activity.  

To protect our consumers’ rights and interests and maintain the brand image of “GOBRICKS” company, our announcement is as follows.  

1. GOBRICKS is China’s first platform offering brick parts retail, providing convenient tool and communication platforms for customers. We are committed to offering block lovers a good experience of purchase and communication. At present, we have no branch office in other countries. Please inform each other of the consumers.  

2. Without GOBRICKS brand’s authorization, any sales behavior of products or sets from any company and individual seller isn’t related to our company. Please don’t purchase any product with fake trademark and pass on this information to your friends. Our company reserves the right to use relevant measures to pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer who is related to actions that damage the image of GOBRICKS company and “GOBRICKS” brand.  

We hereby informs consumers that please purchase our bricks through the following channels or authorized Chinese and oversea channels.

GOBRICKS official

GOBRICKS authorized seller:  

If you have any questions, please contact the following ways. E-mail: contact@wikimoc.c0m  

GOBRICKS Overseas operation team 2021.03.12  


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