3D vision

The building blocks directly present the 3D model display, which can be rotated 360 degrees to view your design.

Build and browse

Support browsing steps, if the file format has steps, it becomes an electronic manual browser.

Gobricks Building App on phone

Multi-party support

Jieyou sent me the building block file you have always wanted the most. With the BU browser, you don’t need to wait for the first time to view it. Currently, it supports the extraction and recognition of local files on mobile phones and third-party (WeChat, QQ) files.

Convenient area

Offline parties no longer need to have a computer, just hit BU and check the current block design in the mobile phone, which facilitates the gathering of friends to circulate and display each other, without having to hand in their own design source files.

Functions planned to be developed

Adapt to iOS system version APP

You can view the total price and inventory of the block design with one click

Support the currently opened assembly file to directly place orders in the mall

The building block design is stored in the cloud space, and the building block design can be safely shared and viewed without sharing the source file.

This test version currently only supports Android users. If you have any feedback about problems in use, please contact the official customer service to put forward your valuable suggestions.

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