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Today, let’s take a look at CaDA’s latest remote-controlled supercar, the 610 supercar! It is not difficult to see what the prototype is in appearance, and it also uses the “easy to add power” structure, which is very friendly to friends who like dynamic and static!
Can this product maintain the high quality of CaDA? Has the problem of returning to China been improved? Come and start the evaluation right away!

Box photo
Fenghua uses a simple design. Although the background has a sense of speed, the overall effect does not make people have the urge to buy immediately…

Finished size drawing.ContentsThe parts are full, and it feels so good!*Note that this set is [static version], the motor set needs to be purchased separately~ 

ManualThere are 2 books in total.ImageThere is a part of the product persuasion diagram on the back.ImageThere are motor assembly instructions in the second half of the manual. The process is very simple and not difficult.ImageStickersThere are 2 big cards in total, but there is no protection, like I won the lottery…(One of them came out and posted it in the manual. Can you tell which one it is? )

Parts kitIt’s hard to imagine that all parts of CaDA are full of details, and the parts are not subcontracted according to the steps… After all, this is a technology group with close to 1,700 pieces. Not everyone can finish it all at once…I don’t know if this set has won a lottery? One more electroplated wheel shell!  ImageAssembling processCaDA’s step-by-step instructions are really good, the whole assembly process is very pleasant, plus the inserts feel good, and the favorability is MAX! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageFinally, add stickers, and the static version is complete~ImageBecause this set has an “easy to install power” structure, so it is equipped with this set of power components to experience.ImageImageImageI have to say that the entire installation process is “smooth as silk”! Complete the installation in an instant! Very good! Multi-faceted photo of the finished productImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageDetail partThe streamlined front of the car is well restored. ImageImageThe front cover can be lifted.ImageThere is a handbag inside.ImageThe electroplated wheel shell is of high quality, and the surface of the electroplated layer is uniform.ImageImageThe design of the door is good. However, the inverted mirror on one side is looser.ImageImageStickers are attached to the interior to reflect.ImageThe battery box receiver is hidden behind the driver’s seat.ImageThe top is decorated with a lot of stickers.ImageImageThe tail cover can also be lifted.ImageThe rear wheel is equipped with new wheel eyebrows.ImageTail details.ImageImageVideo presentation

The performance of lighting and returning to medium is ideal, but the speed expressed by the “horsepower” of the L motor still does not match the term “supercar”… Imageto sum upShuangying’s new product launch speed is relatively slow, but from the perspective of product performance, there are reasons. The structural design of the whole car is quite reasonable, and in order to satisfy the fans of static and dynamic versions, a lot of thought was spent on installing the motor part; the assembly instructions are always detailed and accurate, and the parts with good biting degree are used to make the assembly. The process was quite pleasant.In terms of the performance of the electric part, the problem of inadequate centering seems to have been improved, but it is a pity that the power is still slightly insufficient to drive this weight.The overall performance is still very satisfactory, for friends who only like static, you should be able to rest assured!


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