Nowadays, in this era of social progress, ubiquitous cars have long been our daily necessities. Sembo Building Blocks and Beijing Automobile Museum will let us understand the past and present of automobile development, and wander in the world of classic cars. , Appreciating the beauty of automobile culture and industrial design from all angles and angles is a great value enjoyment.

  I believe that every boy has a car dream in his heart, speed and passion, driving and dreams. Together with the editor, walk into the Beijing Automobile Museum and enter the world of these classic cars in another way, using “building blocks “Feel a different “sound”.

Senbao Building Blocks-Beijing Automobile Museum Series

01. Classic Car—Lincoln KB-V12


Model: 701900


In 1917, American Henry Leland established a company producing V12 aircraft engines after Cadillac. He named the company Lincoln out of homage to the late President Lincoln. After World War I, Henry Leland turned their attention to the car, and all the restructuring Lincoln plant for automotive production, but in 1922, Lin Ken company suffered serious financial problems and declared bankruptcy, and eventually Ford Motor Company acquired and became a luxury car brand under Ford. After entering the 1930s, the singles of Lincoln K series became the representative of noble luxury at that time with the characteristics of “personal customization”. In 1932, the model was divided into two series. One year was the KA model with a V8 engine, with 125 horsepower; the other side was the KB model with a new V12 engine, with 150 horsepower. In addition, Lincoln has also provided customized special cars for many presidents of the United States, and is the best witness and participant in the history of the United States.

02. Classic Car-Cadillac AldoradoImage

Model: 701807


After the Second World War, the U.S. economy developed in an all-round way and entered an unprecedented “golden age”. The Cadillac Aldorado, which was introduced in 1953, has been popular in North America for more than 20 years. A total of 11,130 vehicles have been produced. It is a classic of American culture. This car was the most luxurious car in General Motors and even Detroit when it was born. Air suspension, automatic door lock, fog lights, 6-way electric heated seats with memory function, radio with remote control, electric windows and white-wall tires, as well as optional air conditioning, cruise system, and automatic dimming of headlight brightness The switching system, dark or light-colored glass windows. All the luxurious equipment imaginable at the time were available.

03. Classic Car-Volkswagen BeetleImage

Model: 701809


The history of the Beetle can be traced back to before the establishment of Volkswagen. At Hitler’s request, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche (1875-1951) successfully developed the Volkswagen Type 1 car in 1936, after which Hitler decided to establish a car factory to produce this car. This factory was 1937. Volkswagen was established on March 28, 2015. The Volkswagen Type 1 was transformed into a military vehicle during the war, and restored to civilian use after the war, and immediately became the best -selling vehicle in Europe . It was not until 1968 that the name “Beetle” became the official name of the Volkswagen Type 1 car for the first time. Although war and other reasons have caused the car to be discontinued several times in history, as of July 30, 2003, the total production of the Beetle was 21,529,480, making it one of the world’s most legendary, most successful, and highest-produced cars of the same model. One.

04. Classic Car-Volkswagen Van

Model: 701810


Dutch businessman Ben Pon accidentally saw a flatbed truck based on a Beetle chassis when visiting the Volkswagen factory, and drew the prototype of the van based on this car. This unintentional design created a legend. After further research and development by Volkswagen, the production of the Volkswagen van was off the assembly line in 1949, which was also the second model produced by Volkswagen after the Beetle. The Volkswagen van has changed people’s traditional driving methods. It can be said to be the world’s first multifunctional vehicle. Due to its wide application in various fields, it has become a classic model in the history of automobile development.


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