CaDA C51058W Excavator Big Crane Mixer Truck Remote Control

Product weight: 1.3000 kg
Package Include: 491 x Building Block, 1 x Start, 1 x Servo Motor, 1 x Power Motor, 1 x Li-ion Battery Compartment, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Remote Control





MOC Code


Main Features:
High simulation shape, combining the three elements of building block and remote control car and mechanical engineering, more playable
CaDA building block new intelligent remote control, new rechargeable lithium battery receiving box, 2.4G four-channel automatic frequency, super anti-interference wireless remote control all-round movement, support more MOC game expansion and styling
CaDA high-torque high-end power group, remote control forward/reverse / left turn / right turn and other functions
Suspension system + high-powered motor, four-wheel drive running up more interesting