MOC 13056 Lucrehulk-Class Battleship (Droid Control Ship)

Include: 3580+ Pcs
Dimensions: 22 in. L ? 20 in. W ? 9.5 in. H





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This fantastic MOC 13056 Lucrehulk-Class Battleship (Droid Control Ship) made by LEPINWORLD is a really awesome MOC from Rebrickable
The Lucrehulk-class battleship was the primary capital ship of the Trade Federation?s Trade Defense Force. Most Lucrehulks were modified from enormous cargo haulers. Upgraded and modified versions were later used by the CIS Navy, the Separatist holdouts, the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the Corporate Sector Authority and the Killik Colony.
Lucrehulk-class battleship
Manufacturer: Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc.
Line: Lucrehulk-series
Model: Modified Lucrehulk-class LH-3210 cargo freighter
Not for sale (Black market value 40,000,000 credits)
Length 3,170 meters x Width 3,009 meters x Height/depth 1,028.77 meters
300 g
500 km/h
Rendili StarDrive proton 2 (primary) Proton 12 (secondary)
Class 10
Peak (shields): <1,08 ? 1025?4.32 x 1025 W