MOC-18554 Millenniumm Falcon & Outrider Micro/Midi Scale Star War movie by brickvault MOCFACTORY

Include 414+ pcs
PDF instruction book
High quality ABS block





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The Millennium Falcon is the most all around perceived spaceship on the planet. First Appearing in Star Wars: Episode IV A New HopeThis hunk a? garbage was held onto by crowds as an unbelievable art directly from the earliest starting point. It?s quick, filthy, and difficult to demolish. With the correct team, this Corellian vessel can go where she darn well satisfies without anybody hindering her. This miniaturized scale model scales consummately with the second form in this pack, The Outrider. Generally showing up in the all-encompassing universe, this boat lives fairly an equal life to the Falcon and they make an extraordinary pair together.