MOC 25153 Bugatti 50T

? With 3428 Pcs ? Highest Quality bricks (Better than Lepin)
This fantastic MOC 25153 Bugatti 50T6 made by LEPINWORLD is a really awesome MOC.
? An awesome MOC 25153 Bugatti 50T from Rebrickable
? 3428 pieces made from high-quality 100% ABS plastic bricks, safe for children, long time to play, 100% compatible with other brick brand like Le .go
? Easy-to-build with pdf instruction with brick by brick guide and high quality pictures ? sent pdf file via email.
? Full dimensions of the stand can been viewed in the image below. L : 20 cm W : 50 cm H :20 cm
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The MOC sets need 10-12 days for prepare and; will be shipped out within 15 days
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Diversion of a Bugatti 50T vehicle The Type 50 Touring was a car rendition of the Type 50. Type 50T Bugattis were delivered somewhere in the range of 1930 and 1934.Chassis, radiator, back hub and rigging box as on T46; motor utilized in Grand Prix T54 and FWD T53. This MOC is a 1 : 8 scale model of the 1933 Bugatti 50T





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The unique design and engineering of the Bugatti 50T. A must have for any Bugatti enthusiast given its rarity and detail.
Just enjoy Model of the real Bugatti 50T first.
Recreation of a Bugatti 50T car-The Type 50 Touring was a sedan version of the Type 50. Type 50T Bugattis were produced between 1930 and 1934.Chassis, radiator, rear axle and gear box as on T46; engine used in Grand Prix T54 and FWD T53. This MOC is a 1 : 8 scale model of the 1933 Bugatti 50T.
This Kit Contains:
3428 PCS LEGO Quality Bricks
Driving and steering by IR controll
4-speed gearbox, manualy shifting
Immitated leaf spring suspension
Opening hood, doors and trunk
Full interior and steering wheel rotates at IR steering
Working head lights
Size? L : 20 cm W : 50 cm H :20 cm
Contain PDF Instruction guide

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