MOC-32053 Maul?s Gauntlet Fighter Star War by EDGE OF BRICKS MOC FACTORY

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The Kom?rk-class fighter,also known as the Gauntlet starfighter, was a sort of starfighter and troop transport utilized by the Mandalorian splinter group known as Death Watch during the Clone Wars. The contenders were used as a major aspect of a move by Death Watch pioneer Pre Vizsla to end Satine Kryze?s conservative standard of Mandalore and reestablish the Mandalorians to their previous warrior past.
These boats were later utilized by Maul?s Shadow Collective armed force during fights on Zanbar, Ord Mantell, and Vizsla Keep 09. During every one of these fights, Maul used a gauntlet contender called the Nightbrother,colored red and dark as opposed to the ordinary white and blue shading.