MOC-41871 Home sweet home Modular Building by M4rchino84 MOC FACTORY

Include 5362+ pcs
PDF instruction book
High quality ABS block





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? On the ground floor there is a cutting edge open space kitchen connecting a stay with shrewd TV and home theater. To keep organization, we have a huge aquarium with an excellent fish and jellyfish.
? On the main floor, through a winding flight of stairs, we locate a little stay with a household item containing family recollections. At that point we locate an agreeable room where his little Chiwawa lays down with the proprietor. Clearly there is a little restroom.
? On the subsequent floor, consistently through the winding flight of stairs, we discover a space for ?Amusement? where you can unwind and make the most of your spare time with your companions. In this room, we can locate a 50?s Jukeboxe, a vinyl turn table, a 80?s arcade videogame, a pool table, a drumset, and a bar corner where you can appreciate great wine and alcohol.
On the divider you will discover electric guitars, old vinyls and a trumpet having a place with the family. The sport of darts can?t be absent.
? Finally, on the rooftop, we find photovoltaic boards, reception apparatuses, a satellite for pay TV, a stack.