MOC-42308 42111 Dom?s charger Technic by efferman MOC FACTORY

Include 1388+ pcs
PDF instruction book
High quality ABS block





MOC Code


The adjustments are:
1.) 2 studs more extensive wheelbase.
2.) Reduced Play in controlling instrument.
3.) Working controlling wheel.
4.) Ground leeway at the rearaxle.
5.) Completely upgraded body. Better look and more steady.
6.) diverse incited wheelie bar.
7.) Outside Mirror at the driver side.
There are 4 Black 49093 Pins in the partlist. These are utilized to get a full dark Body. Pick Blue if Black ones are to costly.
The 10.4cm inflexible hose 75c13/Light Bluish Gray) appears to exist just in 42111. disregard the shading cautioning when you own the 42111.