MOC 4477 Earth, Moon and Sun Orrery by JKBrickworks Creator Expert

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MOC Number: 4477
Name: Earth, Moon and Sun Orrery
Designed by: JKBrickworks
Designed Year: 2016
Number of part: 462 parts
Category: Technic
An Orrery of the Earth, Moon and Sun. It?s sensibly precise as far as the turn and orbital times of the articles, yet obviously it isn?t proportional as for size/separations.
When assembling the different gears, it?s imperative to ensure everything rotates freely. That is, don?t push the gears onto the axles too firmly, in any case there will be a great deal of grating between the apparatuses a the Technic liftarms next to them. This is particularly significant while associating the earth.