MOC-8317 Truck with crane Technic by ErikLeppen MOC FACTORY

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Guiding on axles 1, 2 and 4. Each pivot has an alternate directing edge. The directing wheel in the lodge works as well (as in ye olde MOC 8649)!
The four outriggers move simultaniously. In spite of the fact that the back outriggers are littler, they have almost a similar vertical reach. The crane can pivot 360 degrees
The crane arm can crease out in two spots, much the same as that of MOC 8258. Just one of the two crane capacities is steered through the turntable, not both as in MOC 8258; this didn?t fit.
The last area has a broadening inward segment, that has the winch. Tragically, the little actuator is sufficiently solid for the blast itself, so lift limit is irrelevant?
The bed can dump by means of a LA, Doors of the lodge can open.