MOC-90032 Sheriff?s Safe with Combination Lock Creator MOCFACTORY

Include 521+ pcs
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High quality ABS block





MOC Code


The famous fugitive Billy the Brick has looted Stud City and pulled off sheriff Wild Brick Hiccup?s protected. Presently, he may be the quickest desperado in the West, however not the most splendid block. Will he have the option to break the blend bolt and get the gold? Will you?
Working Lock Mechanism
Everything began while viewing a spaghetti western and thinking about how a sheltered blend lock really functions. That started assembling one out of LEGO. Presently, after unlimited long periods of prototyping, refining and culminating, I?m certain the outcome will make any hopeful block looter rethink their profession way.
It?s conservative and basic. It?s dependable and smooth to work. Furthermore, obviously it?s totally made out of LEGO ? no custom parts, no cheating.
There are 24 potential blends. You should pick and fabricate your own, liked, mystery code.
The Small Print